Monday, 10 February 2014

The green, green grass of home

Our front lawn is small, and easy to maintain. It is also in my face, and hence easy to remember.
Over the summer, I have been making a conscious effort to tend it, ever since Darren quipped that it was going to the dogs, or some such. I read up about Buffalo Grass to find that it benefited from a weekly trim, and a regular deep water and fertilise. I bought a bag of "Weed'n'Feed" from you-know-where, and the result is obvious.

Now to see if I can have the same result with the much more extensive rear lawn, and perhaps even the grass on the verge.

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head in the sun said...

I love a green lawn - so cooling in summer.
In our 3 homes we've had; firstly a buffalo lawn, then a kikuyu lawn and now we have blue couch.
The blue couch is sooooo beautifully soft and I never have to water it to keep it green - but I spy nutgrass and paspalum popping up!
Remember when Don Burke told everyone to dig up their lawns!