Monday, 17 February 2014

Hot air rises

Our cottage was built in 1941; well the ground floor was built in 1941. It is double-brick, meaning that when the weather is hot, the rooms stay cool, and when the weather is cold the rooms are bloody freezing!

The second floor is the opposite: when the weather is hot, the rooms are sweltering, and when the weather is cold, the rooms are just about right. Last winter, we installed a gas heater in the downstairs living area. This summer, we installed awnings over the north facing windows, and over the west facing windows.

The roof-line is at such a rakish angle that the measuring, and then the installation, was hair-raising. For us, not the tradies, who appeared to take it all in their stride. We were not happy with the manufacturers, who mucked Kirsten around no end with an installation date. Before Christmas. We did not realise we needed to specify the year!

But they work. They keep the upstairs much cooler, and the blinds have been removed, and the windows reopened. There are fans upstairs, but they were inadequate from the get-go. IMHO they also add to the overall appeal of the house, adding to its homey-cottage feel.

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Kirsten Lynn said...

And they make the upstairs much brighter because we don't have the blinds on the western side permanently closed.