Saturday, 15 February 2014

Curling up their toes

Bit sad looking, isn't it? This is the newer of the two "Brown Turkey" figs in my garden. The other, is a "Black Genoa". I welcome your thoughts on what is causing this leaf curl.
The three plants are still very productive as you can see, and my original Brown Turkey has produced some deliciously plump specimens, and will so again this weekend. But leaf curl like this, cannot be good. One of the plants has a bit of browning at the leaf tips, too, which is contradictory. Or possibly so. It could be over-watering, or shallow watering. I put a sprinkler on each afternoon for about an hour, and these pots are well in the catchment. I could move them, and just resort to the daily 3l of water around the base, rather than overhead. Or ...
The issue might be, perhaps, that they are root-bound. Take a look at the root system of this one plant. How can it be anything BUT root-bound? And this is nowt but one season's growth. Although the entire weekend looks as though it will be raining (yippee!), I could nip over to Hamish's yard and fossick for three massive black plastic pots to transplant them into. Pots like this are not big sellers in "Garage Sales" (as Hamish has been having).
It being 24C and drizzling, today might be the perfect time to tip this plant up, and check out its engine!

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