Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spaces, and their labels

Officially, this is where I reside. In my fancy mood, I call my area an apartment, as it has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living space. The people with whom I live, knock and ask if they can come in, admittedly AS they are coming in. In the evening, if I have need to go upstaire - rarely - I ask permission as I ascend. Apparently, arrangements such as we have, falter on lack of autonomy.

This is my parlour (living space). It looks out onto the front vegie patch and is about 10' from the kitchen. There is a connecting hallway, running past the bathroom, and into my bedroom, which I now share with a cot, mainly because I cannot carry a child in my arms up the stairs.

This space, is a sea of tranquility.


diane b said...

It looks nice, light and airy. A lovely place to do your own thing but know that you have help not far away if you needed it. I like the idea that you visit properly and not take each other for granted. I'm glad it is working out for you.

Julie said...

Thanks, Diane. The knocking is important, I agree.

Margaret said...

Your space looks nice and workable for your own activities and quiet times
I think the key to this situation working well is to have seperate living areas and an acknowledged respect of privacy.
So nice for them to have you close and for you to have them close, I think you are all getting a great deal from this arrangement, so lovely to see it working well.