Thursday, 13 February 2014

How green is my backyard?

The rear garden of our "gingerbread cottage" does not have the aspect of the front garden. Our block is on a north-south axis, front to back. There used to be a massive Port Jackson Fig tree in the front garden which overshadowed everything, and fostered mould inside. This was cut down (by Hamish and his boys) sometime during 2010. The street-view on Google-maps show just how many changes have been made to this house - and the house next door - since Spring 2010.
The back yard is protected by three massive trees, that shield the sun during summer, and make of it a pleasant glade. In Autumn about a gazillion leaves fall, and the yard is a pleasant sun trap. The front garden comes into its own during Winter, and the rear garden during Summer.

However, the grass at the back is a bit the worse for wear, or conditions, really. This past 7 days, I have set upon the long task of rectifying this. I will Weed'n'Feed each Tuesday, and water twice per week. That should give it a spurt along from now, until August, at which time Darren and I will top soil and seed it.

Fingers crossed!

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