Monday, 3 February 2014

Alannah's first day of preschool

Alannah started preschool today.  She is going to our local KU preschool and already knows two kids from her old kindy.

She was beyond excited this morning.  She chose her own outfit, of course - as always.   She checked if I had remembered her water bottle and she wanted to see what was in her morning tea bag and lunch box.  The first packed lunch of many years of packed lunches: yoghurt for morning tea and chicken sandwiches, raspberries (from our garden), sultanas and pretzels for lunch.

There were many tears on my departure from preschool, but she was happily playing with the baby dolls and having morning tea when my friend dropped off her daughter 15 minutes later.

I always ask her what was her favourite thing she did that day.  Today it was painting.  They also made gingerbread men (or girls, apparently) and she played on the climbing frame.


head in the sun said...

OMG - the first photo!

Julie said...

Her sunnies are pink, too, Letty.

head in the sun said...

Ha! rockin' it as always!