Saturday, 8 February 2014

Juliet's first day of kindy

This wee little girl started kindy on Friday.  It's child care really, but Alannah's first child care centre called itself "kindy" and we took it up.

Alannah started one day a week at age 6 months in January 2011.  Juliet has started one day a week at age 4 months.  I'd ideally like to start her a couple of months later, but child care places tend only to come up around this time and I like the homely feel of the centre we've chosen. 

Friday was a tough, tough day for me.  Juliet was fine, but I felt on the verge of vomiting all day.  Just as I had with Alannah.  Juliet was only there for five hours and slept two and a half of those, but boy was I glad to get back there to pick her up.

You always question yourself if you are doing the right thing.  It's such a big deal to trust anyone else with your baby.  I hope the one day of child care helps Juliet to feel comfortable, indeed thrive, in different surroundings.  The one short day made a real difference for Alannah and we were so thankful for child care when I was out of action during the second half of 2011.

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