Thursday, 6 February 2014

Saving the farm

Down the back garden, in y special "work room" that I discussed last week, there is a bed of Clivea. I suspect a bed created to sell the property as the concrete edging is not aged enough. It is right at the back of our shed (formerly known as a garage. The hassle is, though, that the roof drains onto this garden bed. When I say "drains" I need to be more specific: the drains floods into it, washing away any pretence of soil. I have built a small splash-back to prevent major damage, but the top-soil is still in the firing line. I want to keep the top soil, funnily enough.
So, at B...B...B... I bought two slabs of half rounds, 150mm high and 3m long. I will sink them in about 5cm, and back the soil onto them, in time for the autumn rains.

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