Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My orchard - tee hee

I think of it as my orchard, but it is not like you can meander through it scoffing rotting fruit with the toe of a glistening, black gumboot, or anything. They are mostly in pots (large ones), that cramp their style and lead them into thinking that they can bring heaps of produce to fruition, when they can't. Perhaps they hear my scorn as I mooch around in the early mornings.
But they look okay, and I am chuffed with progress thus far, when these specimens have just completed their first full year. The Kumquat is an acceptable size, and veering on ripe, which is a shame as there is only one!Hear that Kumquat. Yeah, yeah I see what you have in store for the next season. You and whose army?

The figs are from the "black Genoa". I have not tasted one yet, but they are miniscule thus far. But it is first season. The capsicum is a min-variety, which is slender and fragile when cut. It is loaded with fruit which are readily changing colours quite early. I have big hopes for my Blueberry bushes thus year, but must must transplant to a pot before the Raspberry cans throttle them in their shared bed.

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